Wa ga Na wa Umishi (v12 c114)

gaUmishi v12 c114 bp1

And now for something completely different……….just a joke, though it is pretty different from Sailor Fuku…….we begin our next project, Wa ga Na wa Umishi, a complete work at 15 volumes, multiple previous scanlation efforts ceased at volume 12 chapter 113. So, with chapter 114, we go on from there 🙂

gaUmishi v12 c114 bp3

And I’m sorry, just so we get this said up front, as far as I’m concerned a chapter just isn’t right without at least one shot of Hiro in a bikini 😀

download –

http://bit.ly/2Kdg2Dy (MEGA)


read online –


4 thoughts on “Wa ga Na wa Umishi (v12 c114)

  1. I just want to say that I read this because of recent update from you guys and I’m really grateful that you are translating it. Thank you so much I love this Manga so much

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  2. OMG!! Thanks so much for picking this back up and hopefully completing this guys, I was so sad seeing this series languish near the finish line for so long!! You’re all the best and I can’t wait to see what happens next now 😀

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